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"He is happy whose circumstances suit his temper to any circumstances." David Hume

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  • Save the Elephants – Now or Never!

    Posted on August 14, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by Jack T Scully

    Elephants Being Slaughtered to Make Ivory ObjectsWhen I learned of the genocide of African elephants, my knee jerk reaction was revengeful. Why not turn a squadron of airborne drones and roaming teams of Navy Seals loose on the dirt-poor poachers of Africa's great savannahs? After all, they slaughtered 35,000 elephants last year for their ivory. That’s more than the annual birth rate. So says the reputable Wildlife Foundation. Once the great beast is down, often before his last gasp, they savagely slash his jaw with axes and machetes. The

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  • World War I – A Hundred Years Without a Lesson Learned

    Posted on August 5, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by Jack T Scully

    Wordl War I Poppy Field, About 1919A hundred years ago this week, the guns of the Great War started firing. When they fell silent four years later, 19 million people were dead. Untold more were injured, maimed, and left homeless. Even worse, the warlords unwittingly planted the seeds of an even greater European war and the rise of international communism. A hundred years. Not so long ago, really. My grandfather, Elmer Barnes, fought in the 1918 Spring campaign in Belgium, near the town of Ypres. As a boy, I remember adults

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  • Plenty of Blame for Shootdown of Malaysian Passenger Jet

    Posted on July 30, 2014 in Inspirational Writings by Jack T Scully

    Wreckage of Malaysian Flight MH 17The ironic part of this tragedy is that so many people, in positions of authority, could have prevented it. It is clear now that either pro-Russian separatists or Ukrainian Air Defense forces in eastern Ukraine fired the radar-guided missile that brought down Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 (MH 17) on July 17th. It is evident too that launchers were firing at unidentified targets in their kill box. This of course begs the question: What in God’s name was a civilian passenger liner doing in an

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